ISBN 9789966461926
Pages 244
Dimensions 178 x 127 mm
Published 1989
Publisher East African Educational Publishers, Kenya
Format Paperback

My Life in Crime

by John Kiriamiti

The late 1690 and early 70s may be remembered as the years of the great bank and other armed robberies in Kenya. This is the true story of one of the participants in some of those robberies, John Kiriamiti. In raw and candid language, Kiriamiti tells the story of how he dropped out of secondary school when he was only fifteen years old, and for a time became a novice pickpocket, before graduating into crimes like car-breaking and ultimately into violent robbery. This spell-binding story takes the reader into the underworld of crime, and it depicts graphically the criminal’s struggle for survival against the forces of law.

John Kiriamiti was imprisoned on 6 January 1971, after being convicted on a charge of committing robbery at Naivasha on 4 November 1970. Kiriamiti left Naivasha Maximum Security Prison in August  1984, just five months after the publication of this novel and those following which were a sensation with Kenyan youth in the late 1980s and '90s.

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About the Author

John Kiriamiti

John Kiriamiti, a former crook-turned-novelist, wrote My Life in Crime while doing time at Naivasha Maximum Security Prison where he was 'cooling porridge' for a series of bank robberies that rocked 1960s and 1970s Kenya. Kiriamiti is best known as the writer of My Life in Crime and My Life with a Criminal: Milly's Story, which were both a sensation with Kenyan youth in the late 1980s and '90s.