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Published 2024
Publisher Malthouse Press, Nigeria
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Nigerian Constitutional Law

Selected issues

by Aboaba Omotesho

"After nearly 30 long and disastrous years of military rule in Nigeria from 1966 to 1999 (less only four wobbly years of civilian interregnum from 1979 to 1983), the culture of constitutionalism in the country has become brutally defaced, degraded and obscured. The return of constitutional government in May 1999 marked a new beginning for virtually everybody - the politicians, the legislators, the students, the academia and all. No wonder that all levels of government - Federal, State and Local Government - the nation has been experiencing a rattling bustle of intergovernmental disputation as to the limits of power and the dos and don'ts of governmental action...The essays are written primarily for university law students and students in other tertiary institutions studying constitutional law...The book thus serves an important need to make academic materials available to such students in these days of harrowing book scarcity in the country. But the essays will also reward reading by politicians and others, including lawyers, who may want or need to read up elements of constitutional law or to brighten their dimming knowledge of rudiments of the subject," - Professor Charles Ilegbune, University of Abuja, Nigeria 

  • Definitions and Forms of Constitutional Law 
  • Common Constitutional Concepts
  • Historical Development of Nigerian Constitutional Law
  • Fundamental Objectives and Concept of Citizenship Under Nigerian Constitution
  • Reflections on the Nature of Fundamental Rights Legislative Powers Under Nigerian Constitution
  • Scope of Executive Powers Under Nigerian Constitution
  • Judicial Powers and Concept of Judicial Independence under Nigerian Constitution
  • Legal Effect of Change of Government by Extra-Constitutional Means (Coup D'état)
  • Proceedings By and Against the State
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About the Author

Aboaba Omotesho

Dr Aboaba Omotesho for many years taught at the Faculty of Law, University of Abuja, Abuja, Nigeria. He is widely published.