ISBN 9781991209153
Pages 120
Dimensions 210 x 148mm
Published 2023
Publisher Dryad Press, South Africa
Format Paperback

Night Transit

by P.R. Anderson

For P. R. Anderson, poetry is “language equipping us as itself at the frontier of the unspeakable”. Night Transit is such a volume, confronting the dark before and after life. There are poems of travel that take on an existential dimension and also poems of mythopoeic origin, memoirs of South Africa in the 1980s and after, and poems of witness and advocacy in the current ecocide. Whether it is love or death that axiomatically stirs up the poetry, Anderson sees into the cloudy transit with clear and original eyes. These poems range from a consideration of the fourth war of resistance at what is now Makhanda to the care of insects as populations collapse across the planet. Anderson considers the project of poetry, and recalls the euphoria of transit and relocation in an epoch of anguish, yearning and crisis.

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About the Author

P.R. Anderson

P.R. Anderson, born in 1967, studied at the Universities of Oxford and Cape Town; he currently lectures at the latter in English Language and Literature. He was the winner of the 2003 Sanlam Literary Award as well as the 2018 Thomas Pringle Award for Poetry.