ISBN 9789964303143
Pages 132
Dimensions 216 x 140 mm
Published 2005
Publisher Ghana University Press, Ghana
Format Paperback

Non-formal Education for Training in Integrated Production and Pest Management in Farmer Field Schools

by Albert D.K. Amedzro, Anthony Youdeowei

Non-formal education is an important aspect of training for agricultural extension agents and farmers. This study written as a field guide draws on long experiences of national integration production and pest management programmes in Asian countries, where the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation developed its concepts. By appropriately adapting these concepts to local field and farming situations in Ghana, the guide provides basic topics and exercises to enable the incorporation of non-formal education into training for farmers in West Africa. The guide gives additional information on the general principles of adult learning, methodology of non-formal education, teamwork, leadership and decision-making.

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About the Authors

Albert D.K. Amedzro

Albert D.K. Amedzro is a senior lecturer in adult education at the University of Ghana. He works for the World Bank and various agencies of the UN on non-formal education and development strategies.

Anthony Youdeowei

Anthony Youdeowei is based at the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation. He specialises in integrated production, the development and implementation of pest management, agricultural education and training, and scientific communication.