ISBN 9789789980154
Pages 224
Dimensions 280 x 216 mm
Published 2023
Publisher Human Change Communications Company, Nigeria
Format Paperback

Nwadinobi: The Tsetse Fly on the Scrotum

The Anathema of a Community

by Korieocha Emmanuel Uwaozuruonye

Axiomatically, there is time for everything, so was the time for Dikeoha to get married. Bizarrely, as fate would superintend, Ekechi his betrothed got impregnated by a kleptomaniac. Dikeoha (being blinded by the aroma of love) forged ahead and married Ekechi, who later gave birth to an imp, christened Nwadinobi. This imp did not only devastate Dikeoha and his menage but the entire people of Rumuoma and beyond. This melodrama, albeit a fact of life, strives to depict the realities associated with the act of marrying a woman carrying another man’s baby.

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About the Author

Korieocha Emmanuel Uwaozuruonye

Korieocha Emmanuel Uwa had his higher educational training at the University of Uyo. He is an independent researcher and public affairs analyst, combating corrupt practices and autarchy, via his writings and articulated articles in the mass media. He has worked for various newspapers in Nigeria.