ISBN 9789785829822
Pages 56
Dimensions 229 x 152mm
Published 2021
Publisher Malthouse Press, Nigeria
Format Paperback

Our Wife Has Gone Mad

by Bode Ojoniyi

In Our Wife Has Gone Mad, a play which in its unpublished form won the 2017 Society of Nigeria Theatre Artists (SONTA)/Olu-ObafemiAward for playwriting, the Author takes the fight for feminist equality to the seeming realm of the ludicrous. Women who are married to more than one man in a lifetime, it is normally after a divorce or death of the husband. In the case of Daniela in this play, she appropriates the same liberty or privilege given to men and marries several husbands. She does not cheat on the first husband; she merely legally gets married to the other two men and keeps them in their different cities - after all, some men do this too...

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About the Author

Bode Ojoniyi

Bode Ojoniyi is an actor, director and a 2017 award winning playwright of Society of Nigeria Theatre Artists. He is also a Postdoctoral Fellow of America Council of Learned Society African Humanity Programme. He has published several plays among which are Once Upon an Evil Genius, The Primate and the Lost Clergy, The Infidel and the Blood Suckers, For the Love of Sisyphus, A Visit to a Graveyard, A Dance of Beasts. He is currently the Director of Studies at Centre for Performing Arts and Film Studies in Education, Osogbo, Nigeria.

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