ISBN 9789956578573
Pages 210
Dimensions 203mm x 127mm
Published 2010
Publisher Langaa RPCIG, Cameroon
Format Paperback

Pieces of Silver

by Dipita Kwa

Rosi-Daniela Kouoh, a female Divisional Officer newly appointed to Njopongo, steps into office at a time when preparations for elections in the Riders Union sows panic in the hearts of the town's barons and a tragic road accident ignites feelings of vengeance and survival. In order to determine the root-cause of the rising tension and build a platform for lasting calm and justice, she gets two men out of police custody; Sadi, a loser and bitter father of an unborn child, and Esingi, a daring, retired street-boy and chauffeur to the powerful Lord Mayor and business tycoon. This is the thrilling tale of a woman determined to purge her town of injustice, corruption and greed. It is also the story of the niece of the Lord Mayor torn between family loyalty and her love for a poor bus driver.

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About the Author

Dipita Kwa

Dipita Kwa was born in Tiko, South West Region, Cameroon. He was a teacher of Commerce and Finance, Economics and Economic Geography at Regina Pacis College Mutengene. His first novel Times and Seasons was published by Cook Communication. He co-authored One World, a global anthology of short stories alongside Chimamande Ngozi Adichie, Petina Gappah, etc. His short stories have also appeared in e-magazines: Authorme, British Council Crossing Borders Magazine (Radiophonics), KenAgain.

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