ISBN 9780620385206
Pages 90
Dimensions 210 x 148mm
Published 2007
Publisher Botsotso Publishing , South Africa
Format Paperback

Poetic Licence

by Mike Alfred

I can, said the creator, I can / offer, he said, only a life. Just / the spark to the starter motor, / a puff, a squeak and I’m done. / Life is all I can give you. Haven’t / you realised that I’m an experimenter, / not an insurance salesman? So you / see, survival, survival is up to you; / it’s your adventure. I can’t guarantee / silk stockings, an apartment in Manhattan, /
or pure intentions. But here’s a word of / advice: don’t put too much store in the words of / politicianseconomistsparentsteachersbossesexpertsbureaucratsmarketers, / they’re purveyors of an obscene accumulation of / useless cant...

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