ISBN 9781942876885
Pages 192
Dimensions 229 x 152mm
Published 2022
Publisher African Books Collective, UK
Format Paperback

Production des Connaissances en Sciences Sociales en Afrique / Knowledge Production in the Social Sciences in Africa

Enjeux et Défis / Stakes and Challenges

edited by Ibrahim Bienvenu Mouliom Moungbakou, Robert Nanche Billa

This book addresses the epistemological, ethical and methodological challenges faced by African scholars in their research practices. The epistemological domain addresses three interrelated topics: how African university students’ ethnocentric choice of research topics hampers the production of knowledge; researchers’ adaptation of their research methods to improve validity; and the challenge of knowledge production on community museums plagued by gross inertia, irregularities, uncooperative gatekeepers and inadequate funding. The methodological domain foregrounds issues around scientific rigour, the criteria for what counts as quality research, and reporting standards. Contributors contend that the use of mixed methods provides the best scope for the effective study and evaluation of social issues. They also detail how better-funded projects tend to improve the respect of ethical standards especially as they pertain to the protection of subjects’ confidentiality. Self-financed researchers on the other hand tend to be less compliant, a challenge that afflict especially younger and inexperienced researchers. This volume thus contributes not only to a critical understanding of the challenges faced by social scientists in contemporary Africa, but also the prospects and mechanisms on how to improve knowledge production processes.

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About the Editors

Ibrahim Bienvenu Mouliom Moungbakou

Titulaire d’un PhD en Sociologie politique obtenu à l’Université de Yaoundé I en 2012, Ibrahim Bienvenu Mouliom Moungbakou est Maître de Conférences en Sociologie politique. Chef de Département de Sociologie, Anthropologie et des Sciences Sociales pour le Développement à la Faculté des Arts, Lettres et Sciences Humaines de l’Université de Maroua, il est également membre permanent du Summer Program of Social Science (SPSS) logé à l’Institut of Advanced Studies de Princeton aux USA et du Réseau de recherche en santé des populations du Québec (RSPQ). Sur le plan scientifique, il s’intéresse aux questions d’inégalités d’accès aux soins et interroge prioritairement les politiques publiques en la matière.

Robert Nanche Billa

Robert Nanche Billa holds a PhD in Economic Sociology from the University of Douala. He is a senior lecturer at the Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Social Sciences for Development at the University of Maroua. His research has focused on the measurement and determinants of urban poverty. He has published over ten articles and book chapters on age, gender, family, income, education, marital status, occupation, religion as determinants of urban poverty.