ISBN 9789785991031
Pages 212
Dimensions 216x140 mm
Published 2024
Publisher Pan-Atlantic University Press, Nigeria
Format Paperback

Promoting, Protecting, and Preserving Human Dignity Through Media Practices

by Ifeyinwa Awagu, Celestine Kezie

In an era when the infleunce of the media on society has never been more extensive, Promoting, Protecting, and Preserving Human Dignity through Media Practices, a collection of scholarly and practice-based papers, delves into the essential role of personhood in media operations. These contributions navigate the complexities of con- temporary media practices. They disentangle the complicated threads that connect personhood, individual rights, and media professionals' ethical responsibilities.

Promoting, Protecting, and Preserving Human Dignity through Media Practices question conventional narratives, providing new perspectives on how the media may promote, protect, and preserve human dignity in an increasingly linked world. This is a compelling resource that invites academics, media practitioners, government officials, and everyone interested in the nexus of media and human rights to reflect on the tremendous impact of media practises on our collective well-being.

"It is not enough to have good ideas, one has also to carry them out in an effective manner and in my view, the Institute of Humanities has done this magnificently, as a perusal of the contributions collected in Promoting, Protecting, and Preserving Human Dignity through Media Practices makes evident. I therefore warmly recommend this book as deserving of careful reading. I am certain that all who go through it with attention will be enriched by the experience, be they general readers, academics or practitioners."

Juan Manuel Elegido, Professor of Business Ethics, Institute of Humanities. Former Vice-Chancellor, Pan-Atlantic University, Lagos

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About the Authors

Ifeyinwa Awagu

Ifeyinwa V. Awagu Esq, was the second Director of the Institute of Humanities (IOH) at the Pan-Atlantic University, Lagos from 2016 to 2022. She teaches general studies courses and some courses in media and communication. Her current research interest is in advocacy and social policies on family, women and children.

Celestine Kezie

Celestine Kezie is a faculty member at the Institute of Humanities (IOH), Pan-Atlantic University (PAU), Lagos where he teaches Ethics, Philosophy and Logic, and Philosophical Anthropology. His research interests span media ethics, ethics of Al, metaphysics, and philosophical anthropology.