ISBN 9788888934693
Pages 234
Dimensions 210x148mm
Published 2023
Publisher Ponte Invisibile (Redsea Cultural Foundation) , Somaliland
Format Paperback


The fading melody of Somali classic music

by Jama Musse Jama

The etymology of the word is qaram, from the Arabic word love and Somalis use it to describe the oldest modern musical composition of Somaliland, mainly from the 1940s to the mid-1960s. The word Qaraami became synonymous with "old-time good music", or for young people simply "old-time music". Qaraami can be classified for Somali culture as classical music is in the Western world, and for modern Somali literature, the Qaraami era remains an extraordinary period, in which musical production, rooted in typical traditional pastoral folk dance, blends with the effects of urbanization in cities. The melodies produced in that era of classical works are those that have stood the test of time and underlined the fundamental foundations of modern Somali song production, in other words, Qaraami songs must be classified as classical.

 Includes the first ever transcribed musical notations for Qaraami melodies: Beerdillaacshe, Carwo, Murug, Nugul and Aroor.


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About the Author

Jama Musse Jama

Dr. Jama Musse Jama is an ethnomathematician, holds a PhD in African Studies specialising in Computational Linguistics of African Languages, and has authored and edited several books. Doctorate from Oriental University of Naples, MSc Summa cum laude in Mathematics from University of Pisa, Dr. Jama lectured in different universities. He is known for his research on traditional African games and their possible use within formal education. A cultural activist, historical researcher and a preserver of Somali oral histories, Dr. Jama is the founder of Hargeysa Cultural Centre and Hargeysa international Book Fair - one of the most important influential literature festivals in Africa. In 2018 he hosted the 13th International Congress of Somali Studies International Association in Hargeysa where he become formal President of the Association during the tenure 2018-2020.