ISBN 9789786075730
Pages 38
Dimensions 229x152 mm
Published 2024
Publisher Human Change Communications Company, Nigeria
Format Paperback

Queen Abigail

by Omoruyi Uwuigiaren

With a little help, most of life’s curses can be a gift. There was trouble in the palace. The King and queen must find a solution before things spiral out of control. On top of this, they were desperate to have an heir. The Queen would stop at nothing to unravel her many challenges.

An old friend called Mark visited the palace. Mark and the Queen embarked on a journey that could end her relationship if the King finds out she left the palace with another man. Mark’s life could be in danger. If the king senses that his friend has betrayed him, he could kill him. But the queen doesn’t care. What’s life without an heir? What is life without happiness and the things one desires?

This story contains messages and themes about love, humility, and friendship.

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About the Author

Omoruyi Uwuigiaren

Omoruyi Uwuigiaren is a writer, web designer, entrepreneur and author of the new books, The Mystery of Taiwo Da Silva, The Refugees, Queen Abigail and the Snail Prince. With over a decade of writing for children, Ruyi has an authentic voice that shines through his works and makes him stand out. He studied Mass Communications.

Ruyi’s previous books include Baby Thomas, Pirates of the Sub-Sahara, The City Heroes, and The Famous Friends. He is the editor of Ruyi’s World of Books and Stories. When not absorbed in the latest gripping page-turner, Ruyi loves cooking his favorite African meal, develop cartoons characters, enjoys working on the farm and otherwise spends far too much time at the computer.