ISBN 9789966040169
Pages 138
Dimensions 210 x 148 mm
Published 2012
Publisher Zapf Chancery Publishers Africa, Kenya
Format Paperback

Reading and Comprehension in the African Context

A Cognitive Enquiry

by Agnes Wanja Kibui

This book makes an important contribution to existing knowledge on the processes of reading and comprehension by identifying the various approaches and corresponding theories. The book is organized in various chapters that cumulatively lead to our entry into the three key areas. Chapter One provides important background to reading as a skill, explaining the hidden dynamics that avoid the process and outcome of reading. Chapter Two deals with comprehension and vocabulary, both very important aspects of the reading process, while Chapter Three focuses on the relationship between reading, remembering and perception. Chapters four and five deal with various ways of assessing comprehension and the role of the reader respectively.

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About the Author

Agnes Wanja Kibui

Agnes Wanja Kibui in the department of Educational Communication and Technology, University of Nairobi.