ISBN 9789990876352
Pages 196
Dimensions 203 x 127 mm
Published 2005
Publisher Kachere Series, Malawi
Format Paperback

Reformed Soteriology and the Malawian Context

by Handwell Yotamu Hara

This study surveys the Christian doctrine of salvation in relation to the Malawian context. Following the tradition of other African theologians, particularly John Mbiti, Handwell Yotamu Hara argues that although salvation is generally associated with only the physical life in the tradition of the African churches, total salvation that involves the whole human being as understood from a reformed perspective, need not be excluded. He argues that reformed soteriology, focusing in its basic meaning on the salvation of the whole man, both his physical and spiritual aspects, is transcultural, relevant in Malawi and compatible with traditional religions. He further concludes that there are certain shortcomings in traditional theology that may be enhanced by reformed teachings.

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About the Author

Handwell Yotamu Hara

Handwell Yotamu Hara is a specialist in Christian ethics and a lecturer of theology at Zomba Theological College, Malawi.