ISBN 9781957296166
Pages 284
Dimensions 229x152mm
Published 2023
Publisher Spears Media Press, Cameroon
Format Paperback

Responding to Global Challenges

Voices in Language and Literature

by Camilla Arundie Tabe, Ngong Joseph Sam

This book critically explores global challenges from linguistic and literary standpoints aimed at contributing towards their mitigation. Composed of two parts, contributors to the first section examine issues such as language use in the Anglophone crisis in Cameroon, the Covid-19 pandemic, migration, ethnic conflict, hate speech and language shift. The second part comprises essays that foreground global problems in literary texts. Contributors survey global problems like terrorism, gender inequality, racism and neo-colonialism, which engender horror and fuel violence. Drawn from various literary texts from Cameroon, Africa, Europe and America, contributors propose language and literature responses to global issues. These include using appropriate language and concrete techniques to assist citizens and world leaders convey precise messages for better understanding and nation-building. New communication strategies could also be adopted to keep life going and improve solidarity worldwide. Finally, contributors submit that dialogue could be a panacea through stakeholder collaboration and that negotiation is a productive solution to peace and harmony.

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