ISBN 9789988326449
Pages 50
Dimensions 234 x 156mm
Illustrations Colour Illustrations
Published 2021
Publisher Education Logistics (Gh) Ltd, Ghana
Format Paperback


by Anthony Kwamlah Johnson

In front of Mr Dongo's house on the hill are two identical tall trees. For years, the trees provide shade and protect the house. Mata, the youngest girl in the family decides to name the trees, Twin Trees.

One day, two men from the city meet Mr Dongo and persuade him to sell the trees for a large sum of money. The family agree except Mata. On the day of the felling of the trees, Mata frustrates the loggers.

What type of trees are the Twin Trees? How does the family outwit Mata? Who wins the fight to save the Twin Trees?

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About the Author

Anthony Kwamlah Johnson

Anthony Kwamlah Johnson is a writer of children's and young adults novels. His books have been published by Macmillan, UK and South Africa. Mr Johnson has won many international writing competitions. His book 'Bamboo Girl' won 1st prize, Macmillan Writers Prize for Africa. Mr Johnson taught at the Department of English Education, University of Education, Winneb for many years. Currently, he teaches part time at the Institute of Distance and e-Learning, University of Education, Winneba, Ghana. His hobbies are astronomy and abstract art.