ISBN 9789956558315
Pages 148
Dimensions 216 x 140 mm
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Published 2009
Publisher Langaa RPCIG, Cameroon
Format Paperback

Royalty and Politics

The Story of My Life

by Fo Angwafo

Royalty and Politics is the fascinating autobiographical account of a life rich in controversy, leadership, service, achievement and innovation. Born 1925 into the prominent and influential royal family of Mankon in the Bamenda Grassfields of Cameroon, Solomon Anyeghamotü Ndefru least expected becoming king, only to find himself the chosen one following the death of his father in 1959. As Fo Angwafo III of Mankon, one of the most educated ‘traditional rulers’ at the dawn of independence, he succeeded into Parliament first as an independent, and subsequently as a member of the Cameroon National Union. He has served as First National Vice-President of Paul Biya’s Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement since 1990.

In this unique, analytical and insightful reflection 50 years into his reign, Fo Angwafo III discusses growing up in colonial times; his surprise appointment as king; the 1961 Cameroon Plebiscite and his initiation into politics; being king and politician; coping with the hostility of the modern power elite towards his active involvement in politics; churches, schools and politics; life as an agriculturist; and investments in tending the Kingdom of Mankon. He argues that the best way of consolidating traditions is to make them modern, and that modernity can only make sense to the extent that it is firmly grounded in traditions. In many ways he feels his life encapsulates this negotiation and reconciliation of continuity and change.

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About the Author

Fo Angwafo

Born in 1925, Fo Angwafo III S.A.N of Mankon attended the Aggrey Memorial College Arochuku, Eastern Nigeria, from 1945-1950, where he obtained the Senior Cambridge Secondary School Certificate. He later enrolled in the University College Ibadan, Nigeria, and graduated with a Diploma in Agriculture in 1953. Until he was enthroned as the twentieth king of Mankon in 1959, he was the Chief of Agricultural Technicians in Wum. Fo Angwafo III S.A.N of Mankon has five medals of awards from the Government of Cameroon. Also, his particular interests in Education and Peace have earned him two other medals from the Vatican by Pope John XXIII and Pope John Paul II. He was voted Best Man of the year by the American Biographical Institute 2006. He accompanied President Paul Biya to Auckland, New Zealand, in 1995 when Cameroon was admitted into the Commonwealth of Nations. He undertook two important working visits to the USA in 2002 and 2007.

Né en 1925, Fo Angwafo III SA.N de Mankon fait ses études à Aggrey Memorial College Arochuku, à l'est du Nigeria, de 1945-1950, où il obtient le Senior Cambridge Secondary School Certificate. Plus tard, il s'inscrit à University College Ibadan, au Nigeria, et en sort en 1953 avec le Diplôme d'agriculture. Jusqu'à son intronisation comme vingtième roi de Mankon en 1959, il est Chef technicien d'agriculture à Wum. Fo Angwafo III S.A.N de Mankon a reçu cinq médailles du Gouvernement camerounais. En outre, sa passion pour l'éducation et la paix lui a valu deux autres médailles du Vatican décernées respectivement par les Pape Jean XXIII et Jean Paul II. En 2006, il est élu Homme de l'année par l'American Biographical Institute. Il a accompagné le Président Paul Biya à Auckland (Nouvelle-Zélande) en 1995, à l'occasion de l'admission du Cameroun au Commonwealth. En 2002 et 2007, il a entrepris deux importantes visites de travail aux États-Unis.