ISBN 9789956551255
Pages 106
Dimensions 203 x 127mm
Published 2019
Publisher Langaa RPCIG, Cameroon
Format Paperback

Sacred Songs

by Bill F. Ndi

Bill F. Ndi’s Sacred Songs is a collection of 95 sonnets deeply rooted in the tradition of spiritual testimony of faith. The personae in the poems are a creed of believers who are never far away from their God to whom be all glory. These poems are all in praise of the works of the Almighty God in the life of all. Bill F. Ndi in his characteristic simplicity and songlike style stays close to his humanist vision, and socio-political anguish, which he skillfully weaves in spirituality. Tacitly assuming responsibility for his foibles as human, the poet forfeits every other hard-to-overcome obstacle of divine nature, into the hands of God Almighty. This collection embraces, in a refreshing way, biblical precepts of freedom as well as contemporary social, economic, political, and even philosophical notions of freedom and oppression. This is a pleasurable collection to read in its entirety; it is a man’s sobering reflection on and of the divine.

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“In the verse collection Sacred Songs, Bill F. Ndi shares with the reader, treasures from the depth of his soul; jewels from the gift of his faith. These poems express sincere resolve and courageous faith in a God of love, mercy, and intercession. Through these poems, Bill F. Ndi offers the reader sagacious admonition against living a life devoid of faith. Over and above, the collection offers wisdom to guide the reader towards a straight path to truth and life.” 

Wylin D. Wilson, PhD., M.Div. National Center for Bioethics, Tuskegee University, AL. USA & Harvard Divinity School

“Sacred Songs is a profound, moving, and timeless treasure trove on spiritual, and eschatological matters that summons its readers, beyond the challenges, to savor the pleasures of re-thinking life and death, while meditating upon a surrounding blighted by human unpredictability and inconsistency. This is a call to Christian spiritual consciousness that is gentle yet formidable, soothing yet challenging; somewhat provocative even.”

Emmanuel Fru Doh, PhD. Century College Minnesota, MN USA

About the Author

Bill F. Ndi

Dr. Bill F. Ndi, poet, playwright, storyteller, critic, translator & Fellow of The Booker T. Washington Leadership Institute is an American-Southern Cameroonian who was educated at GBHS Bamenda & Essos, the University of Yaoundé, Nigeria: ABSU, Paris: ISIT, the Sorbonne, Paris VIII & Cergy-Pontoise where he obtained his doctorate degrees in Languages: Translation and Languages, Literatures and Contemporary Civilizations. He has held teaching positions at the Paris School of Languages, the University of the Sunshine Coast at Sippy Downs, the University of Queensland, Brisbane, St Lucia and Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia. He is presently Professor of Modern Languages, Communication and Philosophy at Tuskegee University, Alabama, USA.