ISBN 9781917267021
Pages 24
Dimensions 210 x 148mm
Published 2024
Publisher Palmwine Publishing, Nigeria
Format Paperback

Sausage Management

by Palmwine Sounds

This poetries and short stories would examine different management techniques employed, both positive and negative a warehouse based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. This would be a tale to identify truths and right. Production departments Vs Dispatch (Warehouse) department. Injustice no matter how small shall not be allowed to exist. Started out as an agency staff at the warehouse working at Production department then was recommended to apply for a job at the Dispatch (Warehousing). My time at agency with production was bliss, but in Dispatch the management style was very unethical, my source of livelihood was challenged. Names would not be mentioned, but the story must be told either way. Was called a liar, so would love to highlight my version of the truth. You are left to judge if am a liar. Everyone is entitled to there version of the truth.

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