ISBN 9789785494549
Pages 72
Dimensions 210 x 148mm
Published 2022
Publisher Purple Letters Publishers, Nigeria
Format Paperback

Scenes of Sins

A play

by Wellington Nwogu

"When Omekannaya, a rather reckless, Oscar Wildean character, traverses town and country sowing his wild oats, he never reckoned that his comeuppance was just by the corner. This is part of the twists and turns that await the readers as they approach the end of this play. Nwogu, perhaps better known for his poetry, writes with candour infused with an abundance of local flavour."

- Anaele Ihuoma, Author, The Sea Route to Senorita's Heart.

' the play, Scenes of Sins, is Wellington Nwogu's enthralling magnum opus that reflects the decay of incest, common among some immoral fatherland as depicted by some characters in the play…Entertaining, invigorating and enchanting; there are no better words to describe the playwright's work, as with the proverbial 'king with the midas touch,' so is Nwogu's work written in gold."

- Chi NDù ÉfóGò, Storyteller, Writer; The African Culture Club Writers Series Woji Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

"In the play, Scenes of Sins, Wellington Nwogu imaginatively depicts a society where the decay of incest and taboos are displayed on the screen of contemporary times."

- Purple Letters Publishers, Port Harcourt.

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About the Author

Wellington Nwogu

Wellington Nwogu is a fast-growing African poet from the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. He holds a PhD in Literature, a Master of Arts (M.A) degree in Literature, and a Bachelor of Education Degree (B.ED) in English Studies. Nwogu is the founder of the Etche Writers' Association (EWA); he holds membership in the Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA), Rivers State Branch, Nigeria Literary Society (NLS), Readers Association of Nigeria (RAN), and Seaview Poetry Club, among others.