ISBN 9789966632326
Pages 170
Dimensions 203 x 127mm
Published 2013
Publisher Moran Publishers, Kenya
Format Paperback

Soldier's Wife

by Pat Wambui Ngurukie

Pam Kanini is living in the city where she falls in love with Jim, a soldier while at a friend’s wedding. Theirs is love at first sight, and very soon Pam enters a new life as a soldier’s wife. Their marriage is rushed when Jim is deployed to Rhodesia for peace-keeping mission. A bride of barely one week is left behind but she is a soldier’s wife and has to cope with such sudden changes. When she later joins her husband in Rhodesia, she discovers that Jim has really changed. On the other hand, a Nigerian Brigadier, George Okonkwo is deeply in love with her. Will she continue holding on Jim?

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About the Author

Pat Wambui Ngurukie

Pat Wambui Ngurukie started writing in 1976. Soldiers Wife won 2nd Prize in the Commonwealth Countries Writers Awards in 1986.