ISBN 9789785961164
Pages 326
Dimensions 279 x 216mm
Published 2022
Publisher Malthouse Press, Nigeria
Format Paperback

Studies in Media and Ideological Representation of Herders/Farmers Conflict in Nigeria

edited by Gbenga Ibileye

This book features articles from a spectrum of perspectives that are considered of direct consequence for the discourse on the conflict between herders and farmers in Nigeria. These perspectives include those from the broad ambit of social sciences and, specifically, views from history and political science in order to provide a broad historical ground for the understanding of the century-old fissures between ethnic nationalities, which have burgeoned into contemporary conflicts and violence.

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About the Editor

Gbenga Ibileye

Professor Gbenga Ibileye lectures in the Department of English and Literary Studies, Federal University Lokoja, Lokoja, Kogi State, Nigeria. His close to three decades of scholarship, spanning many institutions in Nigeria and Senegal, has been focused on research in (Critical) Discourse Analysis, especially, legal and constitutional documents; Pragmatics, Applied Linguistics and Forensic Linguistics. He is an editor of a number of journals and books in English and Linguistics including Discourse Analysis and Pragmatics: Issues in Theory and Practice.