ISBN 9789966567956
Pages 102
Dimensions 229x152mm
Published 2023
Publisher East African Educational Publishers, Kenya
Format Paperback

Super Lisu

The building collapse

by Yolanda Chakava

Kendi signs up for the inter-school Science and Technology Fair to  take a break from her superhero life. However, this does not work. When preparations for the fair do not go as planned, Kendi finds herself head-to-head with the T& B Gang again. Will they cause trouble? As Kendi look for answers, time is quickly running out. Everyone at the fair is in danger, but from who? Will Super Lisu be able to save them in time?

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About the Author

Yolanda Chakava

Yolanda Chakava loves superhero and action movies, but often wondered why the main characters do not look like her, or share her lived experiences. Yolanda wrote this book to tell modern, heroism stories about growing up in Kenya and 'villains' seen in everyday lives. She celebrates the beauty of the country, but most of all, the spirit and courage of black girls.