ISBN 9789789211265
Pages 308
Dimensions 212 x 140
Published 2016
Publisher BookBuilders Editions Africa, Nigeria
Format Paperback

The Balogun in Yorubaland

The Changing Fortunes of a Military Institution

edited by Oluwasegun Mufutau Jimoh, Philip Oloruntola

The Balogun institution is part of an elaborate chieftaincy tradition among the Yoruba of south western Nigeria, whose antiquity predates modern times. This book examines histories of origin and significance of the chieftaincy, as well as various contexts of its evolution into a formidable traditional institution in Yoruba land. In doing so, the peculiar traits and experiences of various holders of the title in select Yoruba communities are examined within specific historical contexts, drawing attention to the exploits of heroes and villains in their collective history.

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"Mufutau Oluwasegun Jimoh and Philip Ojetola have compiled a collection of essays on a subject which many historians of the Yoruba have glossed over. This book offers a refreshing scholarly and yet accessible perspective on the dynamic of the institution of the Balogun and the endurance of chiefly power from pre-colonial to modern times."

B. Odutan, Department of History, Towson University, Maryland

"This book makes a significant contribution to Yoruba and Africa history. Scholars at different stages in their careers tackle the changing importance of this vital component of Yoruba political institutions across space and time."

Saheed Aderinto, West Carolina University

About the Editors

Oluwasegun Mufutau Jimoh

Oluwasegun Mufutau Jimoh is a lecturer in the Department of History and International Studies, Federal University, Birnin-Kebbi, Kebbi State, Nigeria. He is a member of Society of Social History, USA, and a research fellow with French Institute for Research in Africa.

Philip Oloruntola

Philip Oloruntola is a holder of Bachelor and Master's Degrees in History and Anthropology respectively. He is of Department of Archaeology and Anthropology, University of Ibadan. Nigeria.

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