ISBN 9789780295431
Pages 460
Dimensions 229 x 152 mm
Published 2005
Publisher Spectrum Books, Nigeria
Format Paperback

The Barons

by Ahmadu Kurfi

This political drama reflects on the long period of military rule in Nigeria, which officially began with the end of Shagari’s regime in 1983 and ended with the ascent of Obansanjo in 1999. It gives a satirical account of the clandestine machinations employed behind the scenes by a very powerful group of individuals – the barons, who are mostly from the north of Nigeria, to capture political power, and exert influence over the traditional socio-economic and political institutions. The play aims to inform and to entertain – to record the events as accurately as possible in a comic manner; and is lent a strong flavour of contemporary politics as real historical events and figures are represented.
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About the Author

Ahmadu Kurfi

Ahmadu Kurfi is a prominent personality in Nigeria. Prior to publication in book-format, this work was first serialised in the now defunct Today newspaper and was met with much acclaim.

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