ISBN 9789987483105
Pages 136
Published 2009
Publisher FGD Tanzania, Tanzania
Format Paperback

The Bleeding Heart and Other Poems

by Shilia Kaaya

The Bleeding Heart has themes and content which cover a wide spectrum of life, including politics, history, culture, nature and humanity. Other areas revolve around the universal themes of war, peace, love, and hate. Kaaya Shilia belongs to the group of post-modernist young writers, whose taste has been conditioned by the social character of their age, the age of ICT, and of the glory and gloom of globalization. The message contained in each poem is not all too obvious to the naked eye; one has to pause and think and ask oneself “why?” It is in the digging of this “why” that one discovers the underlying meaning and beauty of the words contained in a particular poem.

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