ISBN 9781920677961
Pages 138
Dimensions 297 x 210 mm
Published 2016
Publisher African Minds Publishers, South Africa
Format Paperback

The Civil Society Guide to Regional Economic Communities in Africa

by Solomon Ebobrah, Morris Odhiambo, Rudy Chitiga

Since 1963, when the African integration project was born, regional Economic Communities (RECs) have been an indispensable part of the continent's deeper socioeconomic and political integration. More than half a century later, such regional institutions continue to evolve, keeping pace with an Africa that is transforming itself amid challenges and opportunities. RECs represent a huge potential to be the engines that drive the continent's economic growth and development as well as being vehicles through which a sense of a continental community is fostered. It is critical therefore that citizens understand the multi-faceted and bureaucratic operations of regional institutions in order to use them to advance their collective interests.

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