ISBN 9789956558568
Pages 242
Dimensions 203 x 127 mm
Published 2009
Publisher Langaa RPCIG, Cameroon
Format Paperback

The Crown of Thorns

by Linus Asong

Chief Nchindia held the Elders of his Council in total contempt, inwardly vowing to disagree with them at every point where disagreement was possible. What starts like a big joke develops into grim tragedy: the statue of the god of Nkokonoko Small Monje is discovered to have been stolen and sold to a white man! The tradition demands instant execution of the culprits. Was their Chief involved in the theft? What was worse, the crime or the punishment?

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“There is a certain self-assured confidence in Asong’s handling of plot and characterization that usually goes with maturity and experience. We are not surprised by events and their outcome, we are carefully prepared and everything moves on towards an almost inevitable climax of horror.”

Professor Richard Bjornson, Ohio State University

“Asong’s sense of the human predicament is astounding.... It is above all, the story of guilt in a world ridden with self-interest.”

Professor Rudy Wiebe, University of Alberta

“There is no such thing as victory, only self-deceit, self-defeat and resignation. The inevitability of doom rises to blood-curdling proportions in this first novel. Read it and read it again. It has a message for man in a century as perilous as this!”

Stephen Arnold, University of Alberta

“We discern something irresistible in the author’s style, his sense of structure, and crisp characterization, something that makes it impossible for you to stop reading until you have turned the last page. And then you realize with great satisfaction that it’s a whole new world you’ve been through.”

Douglas Killam, University of Guelph

About the Author

Linus Asong

Linus Asong was born in the South West Region of Cameroon in 1947. With a combined B.A honours in Education, in 1980 he entered the University of Windsor in Canada whence he graduated with a terminal degree in Creative Writing. He holds an M.A and a PhD in Comparative Literature from the University of Alberta, in Edmonton Canada, and is presently Associate Professor of Literature and Creative Writing at Ecole Normale Superieure Bambili (University of Yaounde 1). Until his death in July 2012, Asong was a stand-up humorist, a consummate portrait painter, an accomplished literary scholar, and a celebrated prolific writer with over a dozen novels to his credit.