ISBN 9789956540273
Pages 42
Dimensions 210x148 mm
Published 2023
Publisher Peacock Writers Series, Cameroon
Format Paperback

The Hungry Twins

A story for children

by George Njimele

When war breaks out in Bingo, Grandma and her daughter, Wounum, flee to different locations. Wounum is abused and impregnated by a foot soldier in the forest. After giving birth, she entrusts her twins to Grandma's care. Grandma discovers that the kids are bewitching their enemies with paranormal powers. A ritual must be done in Bingo to rid the twins of their magical powers. But Grandma cannot risk herself and the kids by travelling to the war zone. How will she cope with the twins' strange behaviour?

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About the Author

George Njimele

George Njimele was born in Awing, North West Region of Cameroon in 1973. He started writing at an early age and writes mostly for children and young adults. He took up writing full-time and started the Peacock Writers Series in Cameroon. He won the National Prize for poetry in 1995 organized by the National Book Development Council. Some of his works such as Madmen and Traitors (2015), The Queen of Power (1998), Undeserved Suffering (2008), The Slave Boys (2008) and Poverty is Crazy (2012) are prescribed in the Cameroon school curriculum (literature   awareness) for beginners in secondary school. His other works include: King Shaba (2006), House of Peace (2007), Land of Sweet Meat (2017), and Reap What You Sow (2020).