ISBN 9780994682536
Pages 368
Dimensions 229 x 152mm
Published 2017
Publisher Afro-Middle East Centre, South Africa
Format Paperback

The Islamists

A Contextual History of Political Islam

by Basheer M. Nafi

Today’s Islamists are not a reproduction of an ancient legacy, but are modern political actors defined by modern discourses, argues Basheer Nafiin The Islamists. He examines the emergence and development of political Islam in the twentieth century and the beginning of the twenty-first century, discussing the historical context within which political Islam arose, and relating it to the social movements and political parties that lead the phenomenon today. On questions concerning the state, economics and law, the differences among Islamists are no less than their agreements. Nafit eases out some of these agreements and differences relating to governance, citizenship, pluralism, unity, revivalism, and truth. This very accessible work, intended for both an academic and general audience, highlights these matters by examining the groups and individuals that constitute the broad category of political Islam, considering how they have developed over time, and how they have impacted on the countries in which they operate.

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About the Author

Basheer M. Nafi

Basheer M Nafi is a senior research analyst at the Al Jazeera Centre for Studies, and previously taught history and Islamic Studies at Birbeck College, University of London. He has published extensively on Arab nationalism, modern Islam and the history of Salafism. His books in English include Islamic Thought in the Twentieth Century (co-editor, 2004), and Arabism, Islamism and the Palestine Question, 1908-1941: A Political History (1998).