ISBN 9789914992168  
Pages 42
Dimensions 297 x 210mm
Published 2022
Publisher Vita Books, Kenya
Format Paperback

The Kenya Socialist Vol. 5

edited by Shiraz Durrani, Kimani Waweru

The Kenya Socialist exists to promote socialist ideas, experiences and world outlook; increase awareness of classes, class contradictions and class struggles in Kenya, both historical and current; expose the damage done by capitalism and imperialism in Kenya and Africa; offer solidarity to working class, peasants and other working people and communities in their struggles for equality and justice; promote internationalism and work in solidarity with people in Africa and around the world in their resistance to imperialism; and make explicit the politics of information and communication as tools of repression and also of resistance in Kenya. Vol. 5 includes nine articles: Editorial; Lessons from the Underground; Linked Theory with Practice in Kenya; The 59th African Liberation Day; Is Women’s Household-Labour a Form of Exploitation?; Revolutionary Rhetoric and Populist Politics; Welcome Marx Memorial Library & Workers’ School; The Ukombozi Library; Kiswahili Section.

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About the Editor

Shiraz Durrani

Shiraz Durrani is a British-Kenyan library science professional noted for his writings on the social and political dimensions of information and librarianship. His widely held Information and liberation writings on the politics of information and librarianship draws on his experiences in librarianship from Mau Mau period Kenya to modern-day UK