ISBN 9780797805057
Pages 134
Dimensions 250 x 250mm
Illustrations Colour Illustrations
Published 2019
Publisher Chilli Pepper Consulting, The Kingdom of Eswatini
Format Paperback

The Kingdom of Eswatini

by Steve Hall, Jen Cowie

This book features outstanding photographs of the most colourful, traditional festivals of the Kingdom of Eswatini as well as insightful images of everyday life, people, animals and landscapes. Steve Hall's photographs illustrate a passionate love of the culture of emaSwati as well as a celebration and respect for day to day life and industry. The images are evocative and compelling, allowing the viewer an enticing glimpse into the hearts, lives and ceremonies of the Kingdom of Eswatini. 

While Eswatini has a number of urban areas and many modern amenities and facilities, the focus of this book is to document the natural beauty of the country, key cultural celebrations and the everyday life of Eswatini's rural people.

Despite its size, the Kingdom of Eswatini is rich in natural habitat and landscapes. As a result, it is home to a large variety of wildlife and plants, but its real wealth lies in the people. 

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About the Authors

Steve Hall

Born and raised in the United Kingdom, Steve Hall moved to Zimbabwe in 1980, had a brief living in Botswana before settling in the Kingdom of Eswatini in 1982. He subsequently became an Eswatini citizen in 1994. An architect by profession, Steve has been taking photographs since university days. His photography has taken him on adventures across the globe, and awarded him access into the rich world of Eswatini culture and tradition. His pictures have been featured in a number of publications- his series of black and white photographs depicting Eswatini culture was exhibited across Southern Africa in 2008, sponsored by Alliance Francaise

Jen Cowie

Jen Cowie is a graphic designer originally from the USA but based in Eswatini for the majority of the past 30 years. Despite stints living in Zambia and Botswana she keeps coming 'home' to the beautiful mountains and delightful people of the Kingdom of Eswatini.