ISBN 9789964705213
Pages 140
Dimensions 178mm x 127mm
Published 2014
Publisher Afram Publications, Ghana
Format Paperback

The Lost Princesss

by Rita Akoto Coker

Bakoma: Abandoned in a cave as a baby with obscure origins but found by some women. Bakoma grows from a nobody in the palace of Nton, with the kind of beauty kings and princes would die for. She falls in love the heir apparent to the throne, Prince Gyakari, a man she couldn't have. This was a taboo and yet she couldn't help herself. Prince Gyakari: Heir apparent to the Nton throne, tall, handsome, a proven warrior and backed by an immense wealth. He is determined to have Bakoma as his wife even through tradition forbids him to marry a commoner. His inheritance is at stake and though his head warns him to desist, his heart would not let him go. Will these two star crossed lovers ever overcome the obstacle of tradition and be together?

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