ISBN 9789785991093
Pages 120
Dimensions 216x140 mm
Published 2023
Publisher Pan-Atlantic University Press, Nigeria
Format Paperback

The Nature of Human Beings

by Juan Manuel Elegido

The aim of The Nature of Human Beings is to present a realistic and internally consistent picture of human beings that may help readers understand themselves and others better. It will be useful to university students who are not pursuing a degree in philosophy but need a general knowledge of the nature of human beings that is simple without being simplistic. This book can be understood by readers who do not have any previous knowledge of philosophy. The Nature of Human Beings explores topics such as the emotions, intelligence and will, freedom, human fulfilment, human development, the social nature of human beings, and human dignity. This book tries to keep things simple by concentrating on essential issues and ignoring details, refinements, and many matters that are relatively secondary. In this way the main lines of the subject are made more clearly visible.

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About the Author

Juan Manuel Elegido

Professor Juan Manuel Elegido is a Professor of Business Ethics at Pan-Atlantic University. Born in Madrid (Spain), he was one of the foundation staff of the Lagos Business School in 1991 and served as Dean of the School from 2005 to 2009. Elegido was the Vice-Chancellor of the Pan-Atlantic University from 2010 to 2021. Professor Elegido, an author of six books, has also published numerous articles on law and on business ethics in academic and professional journals. He has been listed for several years among the top 10% most highly cited scholars worldwide in the Social Science Research Network.