ISBN 9789966469885
Pages 252
Dimensions 203 x 127 mm
Published 1992
Publisher East African Educational Publishers, Kenya
Format Paperback

The Other Woman

by Grace Ogot

The Other Woman comprises a collection of stories in which Grace Ogot explores themes of social, cultural and spiritual importance. She uses adroit imagery to unveil some of the evils which bedevil modern society, such as brutal violence, lust for power and wealth, and family turmoil. Her grasp of social and the cultural conflict in her society is most vivid in these trenchant writings.

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About the Author

Grace Ogot

Born in Kenya's Central Nyanza district in 1930, Grace Ogot was a founding member of the Writers' Association of Kenya. She can be credited with being the first African woman writer in English to be published with two short stories in 1962 and 1964. Her first novel The Promised Land (1966) was published in the same year as Flora Nwapa's Efuru and deals with the subject of migration. Her second novel, The Graduate (1980) relates the story of a male protagonist who, after studying in America, returns to Kenya. The novel also offers a comment on Kenyan women's inequality in the political process and intimates how successful they can be when given the opportunity to participate. Ogot has also published three volumes of short stories, as well as a number of works in Dholuo. Her attitude towards language is similar to that of her fellow Kenyan, Ngugi wa Thiong'o's, but until recently her writing has not received the critical appraisal bestowed on Ngugi's writings.

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