ISBN 9789987969401
Pages 130
Dimensions 210x148 mm
Published 2023
Publisher Readit Books, Tanzania
Format Paperback

The Poison Mushrooms

by Edwin Semzaba

The village of Kiwanda is experiencing a famine. All villagers have to go to Kiometasaba to collect their rations. The journey to Kiometasaba using the long route is not normally dangerous, but in this time of famine the villagers encounter a lion attacking its prey. Tunda and Zamaradi, the children of Mziwanda and Makufini, are firsthand witnesses. As if that is not enough adventure, Tunda and Zamaradi must return to Kiwanda using the shorter route through the dense forest and wild animals. They have to hurry because they have learnt their parents may be in danger back at home. Will they reach Kiwanda on time to save their parents? How will they survive in a forest where villagers fear to tread?

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About the Author

Edwin Semzaba

Edwin Semzaba was a famous Swahili playwright and novelist from Tanzania. His first play, 'Ngoswe, Penzi Kitovu cha Uzembe', has been read by almost all Tanzanians who have secondary education. His other works include 'Tausi Wa Alfajiri' (Heko Publishers Limited, 1996), 'Funke Bugebuge' (Dar es Salaam University Press, 1999). He was the Winner of the writing competition organized by Sida in Tanzania to commemorate 100 years of the Swedish Children Book Writer Astrid Lindgren in 2007 with his novel 'Marimba ya Majaliwa.