ISBN 9781779331472
Pages 224
Dimensions 210x148mm
Published 2024
Publisher Mwanaka Media and Publishing, Zimbabwe
Format Paperback

The Restless Run and Ruin of the Roaches and Rats

by McLayode

What first suggested itself to me was Jackbooted. I was almost accepting the aptness of this when I remembered the often used metaphor of Dr Tunji Braithwait's cockroaches and rats. And why not! The collected stories are all about the roaches and rats. The alliterative phrase Restless Ruin alighted on my mind from Professor Femi Osofisan's play titled The Restless Run of the Locusts. Borrowing and combining the distilled thoughts of these intellectual giants, I present - and you have it in your hand - The Restless Run and Ruin of the Roaches and Rats.

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About the Author


McLayode, a retired educationist of more than three decades, attended Imade College, Owo, studied Physics with Electronics at The Polytechnic, Ibadan and Biomedical Engineering Technology at the University of Lagos College of Medicine, Lagos, all in the Southwest of Nigeria. Ever intrigued by fresh use of the Eternal creative Word, he loves to describe himself as one who expresses the Celestial in the Terrestrial.