ISBN 9789966564351
Pages 162
Dimensions 203 x 133mm
Published 2020
Publisher East African Educational Publishers, Kenya
Format Paperback

The Reunion

by Kekelwa Nyaywa

The Class Reunion is a few days away. Felize is torn between skipping and attending the event. After a lot of tough talk from her cousin, Bupilo, she makes up her mind. She attends the Reunion but a dark cloud from her past stalks her to the event. Just when the door has been opened for the old girls to share their post-Chipembi experiences, Felize is overcome by emotions and she storms out on the verge of tears. This is a story that will teach the young how consequential the choices they make in life are.

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About the Author

Kekelwa Nyaywa

Kekelwa Nyaywa was born in Zambia. She has a B.A Degree from the University of London (UK) and a Master's Degree in Social Science from Florida State University (USA). She is the author of Under the Fig Tree (2016); Beacon of Light (2013); Grandma Mama (short story, 2012); The Small Bridge (2002); The Plague at My Door (1996); Hearthstones (1995). Hearthstones, was nominated for the 1997 Dublin International (IMPAC) Literary Award.