ISBN 9789966347381
Pages 150
Dimensions 210 x 148 mm
Published 2014
Publisher Moran Publishers, Kenya
Format Paperback

The Shark Attack

by Moraa Gitaa

Young Kadzo, Kenga and Issa are locked in a habit which doubles as their ‘job’. They find the business to be fulfilling and enriching. A strong tide blows off the nest and Kadzo becomes a victim of a shark attack in the deep sea while working for Big Man. Kadzo ends up losing a leg. The agile three have to make a decision. Will they rise above the tide and realise that they have been risking their health, life and freedom to make Big Man, the drug baron, richer and richer? Will Kadzo allow Big Man to escape with his deeds? The Shark Attack is a moving account of drug abuse and trafficking. The story draws attention to how the habit is nurtured by corruption and greed. It is told in a realistic and relatable voice of a teenage victim.

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About the Author

Moraa Gitaa

Moraa Gitaa is an alumna of the Aga Khan High School and The Coast College of Commerce where she studied Administration and IT. She was born and raised in Mombasa. Currently, she works for the British Council in Nairobi as an Arts Manager. Moraa Gitaa started writing at a tender age. She has written several novels, among them Shifting Sands, Crucible for Silver & Furnace for Gold and Indecent Proposal. Her short stories have also appeared in several international anthologies. Moraa won First Prize in the 2008 National Book Development Council of Kenya Literary Book Week Awards for Adult Fiction and was also a nominee for the 2010 Penguin Prize for African Writing