ISBN 9789966256010
Pages 354
Dimensions 210x148 mm
Published 2009
Publisher East African Educational Publishers, Kenya
Format Paperback

The Southern Sudan

Struggle for liberty

by Elijah Malok

For many centuries, the politics of Sudan has been characterised by racial dichotomy and identity crisis, specifically between the North and the South. Added to these is the long history of domination, unfavourable policies and uneven development. The resulting marginalisation, neglect and underdevelopment has bred a series of fierce conflicts culminating in one of the longest civil wars in Africa - between the Khartoum forces and the Sudan Peoples Liberation Army (and Movement), SPLA/M. The war ended with the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) in Nairobi on 9th January 2005. Unlike other publications, The Southern Sudan: Struggle for Liberty provides an in-depth view of the struggle from a veteran's perspective. Having himself lived the struggle and rising to the position of Commander in the SPLA, the author renders a story of the conflict of Southern Sudan right from the Juba Conference of 1947 and the August 1955 mutiny through the Anyanya Movements to the civil war and eventual peace. Using personal experience and accounts, he also carries with him the personalities and events that shaped the struggle and expresses his hopes and fears of the future of Southern Sudan. The events in the book are captivating, the narrative riveting and the historical perspective academically stimulating. The author's standpoint on issues is so provocative that it's bound to raffle a number of feathers in the political corridors of Southern Sudan.

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About the Author

Elijah Malok

Elijah Malok was born in 1937 in Thianwong, Central Bor. He attended Rialbek Bush School, Malek Primary School and Juba Intermediate School before joining Juba Commercial Senior Secondary School in 1959. Due to the prevailing political turmoil, he fled Southern Sudan to join the Anyanya One Movement in exile. As an active member of the movement, he was lucky to get a scholarship to further his studies, first at the Free University of the Congo and later at the Fribourg Catholic University, Switzerland, where he obtained a Masters degree in Economics (Business Administration) in 1972. From then onwards, he served the liberation struggle in varied capacities, including joining the elite of the SPLA/M. At present Malok is the Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of the Sudan, as well as being the President of the Bank of Southern Sudan.