ISBN 9781779338471
Pages 110
Dimensions 210x148mm
Published 2024
Publisher Mwanaka Media and Publishing, Zimbabwe
Format Paperback

The Story of Stories


by Nkwazi N. Mhango

The Story of Stories is lamentation poetry about why our stories were colonised, demonised, and lastly destroyed. It challenges victims of colonisation to wake up and recoup their bungled and fangled narratives alongside their history based on their factuality, historicity, and naturality. It chides victims to write their histories and tell their stories instead reading and telling the stories their vanquisher miswrote and misconstrued to bolster damnation and domination.

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About the Author

Nkwazi N. Mhango

Nkwazi. N. Mhango is a Peace and Conflict Studies scholar currently at the Arthur V. Mauro Institute of Peace and Justices, St. Paul College, University of Manitoba, specialised in African studies, African history, decolonisation, deconstruction theories and Terrorism among others; author of Africa Reunite or Perish; Perpetual Search, Psalm of the Oppressed; Africa's Best and Worst President: How Neocolonialism and Imperialism Maintained Venal Rules in Africa; Is It Global War on Terrorism' or Global War over Terra Africana?: The Ruse Imperial Powers Use to Occupy Africa Militarily for Economic Gains; How Africa Developed Europe: Deconstructing the His-story of Africa, Excavating Untold Truth and What Ought to Be Done and Known; Africa's Dependency Syndrome: Can Africa Still Turn Things around for the Better?; Jokey Horse-Jockey North-South Rapport: Diagnostic-cum-Prognostic-Academic Perspectives on Who Truly Depends on Whom; Decolonising Colonial Education Doing Away with Relics and Toxicity Embedded in the Racist Dominant Grand Narrative; Saa ya Ukombozi, Nyuma ya Pazia; Souls on Sale; Born with Voice; Epistle to Afrophobic South Africa; Africa Must Deal with Blats for Its True Decolonisation: Unclothed Truth about Internalised Internal Colonialism; (Our Heritage; Family Friend of Animal, and Matembezi Mbugani Children's book co-authored with his wife Nesaa as they wait for other nine manuscripts to be published soon).