ISBN 9789786001289
Pages 166
Dimensions 234x156 mm
Published 2024
Publisher Malthouse Press, Nigeria
Format Paperback

The Sulky Stalker

by Kalegha Ejiro John

A casual wager went sour to portend grave danger to Elohor's life. Elohor and her three besties, two females (Amara and Atinuke) and a male (Vatos) went to unwind in celebration of making it to their final year in Lolita Fashion and Maritime Institute. The dazzling, attractive and handsome sight of M K, the barman, made Elohor and Atinuke bet on possibilities. Elohor said she would obtain M K's mobile number, and she succeeded, an act that subsequently metamorphosed into a very frightening physical existence...

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About the Author

Kalegha Ejiro John

Kalegha Ejiro John. was born and bred in Gashua. Yobe State, Nigeria. Heattended Babuje Primary School, Gashua, Okotie Eboh Grammar School, Sapele, Delta State. He obtained an N.C.E. in English language and Christian Religion Knowledge, College of Education, Gashua and B. A. English Literature, Delta State University, Abraka. He is currently a teacher, with the Department of English, Technical High School, Orhuwhorun owned by Premium Steel and Mines Ltd, Ovwian/Aladja, Delta State, Nigeria.