ISBN 9789956550647
Pages 60
Dimensions 203 x 127mm
Published 2018
Publisher Langaa RPCIG, Cameroon
Format Paperback

The Tears of the Earth

by John Ngong Kum Ngong

The Tears of the Earth, without pretense, practically holds court for environmental or eco-concerns with global ripples, staking a legitimate claim as a landmark tributary to the mainstream discourse and current debates on global warming and climate change, especially by portraying Africa, still trapped and anaesthetized in the web of post-colonial vassalage, compelled to mortgage her natural resources for savage exploitation with little or no regard to either environmental impact or sustainability.  The poems are an expression of the author’s noble indignation at society’s governing elite for allowing collective natural resources “Mother Earth’ to be callously butchered, so ingloriously ransacked, liberally poisoned and gagged “Beyond Recognition” for mere lucre or “Midas’ touch” which procures and sustains the infernal binary of “Power and Pride” deified by our societies.

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About the Author

John Ngong Kum Ngong

John Ngong Kum Ngong was born in Esu, Menchum Division, North West Region of Cameroon. He attended Cameroon Protestant College Bali, Bilingual Grammar School Molyko, Buea and the University of Yaoundé. He holds a Masters degree in African Literature and a Certificate in Reading in a foreign Language from the University of Birmingham, England. Winner of the 1st EduArt Bate Besong Award for Poetry in 2007 for Walls of Agony, John Ngong Kum Ngong has equally published Battle for Survival (play, 2006) and Chants of a Lunatic (poetry, 2007) all with Editions Clé. He is presently Principal of Government Bilingual High School Etoug – Ebe, Yaoundé.