ISBN 9789970906741
Pages 316
Dimensions 210 x 148 mm
Published 2015
Publisher Asante Capital Hub, Uganda
Format Paperback

The Ugandan Financial System

Scrutiny of the Institutions, Markets, Assests, Agents and Intermediation

by Mugerwa Paul

The author begins with an evaluation from the barter system to the contemporary monetary economies; then proceeds to various types of financial systems that are determined by economic ideologies such capitalism and Islamic beliefs of interest-free financing. He looks in detail at financial institutions, financial markets (both domestic & foreign), financial assets (domestic and global), financial players (agents), and finally the financial intermediation. Statistics both on Uganda and the East African Community financial systems are also included.

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About the Author

Mugerwa Paul

Mugerwa Paul is currently the CEO of Asante Capital Hub Ltd and an Associate researcher at the Economic Policy Research Center.