ISBN 9789990887655
Pages 446
Dimensions 229 mm x 152mm
Published 2010
Publisher Kachere Series, Malawi
Format Paperback

The UMCA in Malawi

A History of the Anglican Church 1861-2010

by James Tengatenga

In keeping with the work done by A.E.M. Anderson-Morshead, this book is a reproduction of the history of the UMCA and the Anglican Church in Central Africa. Bishop James Tengatenga rewrites the story of the Anglican mission that started at Magomero in 1861. The book lays out the origins, development and growth of Anglicanism that was facilitated by the work of the early UMCA missionaries, volunteers, local clergy and ordinary people.

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About the Author

James Tengatenga

James Tengatenga, a theologian based at the University of Malawi, further considers the theological traditions which have informed the Anglican behaviour in matters of Church and State, and how those traditions have been interpreted historically.