ISBN 9798894804668
Pages 260
Dimensions 234x156 mm
Published 2024
Publisher Badson Publishing, Germany
Format Paperback

Theatre, Dance, & Poetry

by Wilfred Kanu Jr.

Theatre, Dance, & Poetry is genre-defying. It probes into the alluring realm of Passport Bros and Foreign Women. This medley showcases cre-ativity, spoken word, equality, familial relations, cultural variety, and human experiences of our time. From the first page, you're transported into a world of compelling short tales and expressive spoken word

Theatre, Dance, & Poetry are thoughtful and playful. This anthology also aims to evoke the depth of your reactions through vivid imagery, leaving you breathless while yearning for more. Prepare for mesmerizing poems of influence as they weave together a tapestry of uncooked emotions that linger with the reader long after they have turned the final page.

Immerse yourself in an ecosphere of literature, poetry, and music that captivates your senses. Each of the author's previous books has an ac companying crossover album. Scanning the bar code in those books instantly transports you to his Apple music page. The lyrics guide you as you listen and feel the rhythms of that particular literary work.

Theatre, Dance, & Poetry takes that experience a step further, inviting you to create melodies and rhythms inspired by the short stories and poems. Lose yourself with voice, piano, guitar, violin, bass drum, or cello, and let the words stir deep sentiments and excitement within you. Through it all, the book awakens your hidden artistry.

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