ISBN 9780639767444
Pages 26
Dimensions 210x148mm
Published 2022
Publisher Kulanda Publishing House, Zambia
Format Paperback

To be Chief

by David Chiza Gondwe

"To Be Chief" follows the inspiring story of two young principals who embark on a transformative journey to become wise and compassionate leaders for their tribe. As they venture through various trials and tribulations, they encounter challenges that test their determination, courage, and sense of hope. Ultimately, their journey shapes them into strong, empathetic leaders who seek harmony and unity within their community.

 Inspired by

"it takes a village to raise a Child" - African Proverb

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About the Author

David Chiza Gondwe

A designer with over a decade of experience. As a graduate of architecture, a 3D artist, and a film and design graduate, he is passionate about art, design and education.