ISBN 9789996096945
Pages 32
Dimensions 210x148 mm
Published 2022
Publisher Horace Publications, Malawi
Format Paperback

Uchi Woyee!

by Smith Likongwe

Atazizwa ndi ubwino wosiyanasiyana wa uchi, mwana anafuna kudziwa momwe njuchi zimapangira uchi. Amalume ake akufotokoza bwino lomwe za m'gwirizano wa njuchi ndi ukatswiri wakapangidwe ka uchi. Akufotokozanso za ntchito zina za uchi monga kuthandiza pa matenda ena.

After tasting the sweetness of honey, Chifundo is interested to know the honey -making process. Her uncle takes her through the process from nectar collection to the hive and all the intricate operations of the bees up to placement of ripe honey in wax cells. The exciting behaviour of bees is unveiled. The uncle also talks of honey harvesting and health benefits.


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About the Author

Smith Likongwe

Smith Likongwe is an established Malawian writer. He is a Lecturer in Drama at the University of Malawi. His repertoire includes five books written several books as single author, and seven books as editor and contributor. He is a versatile playwright for stage radio and TV. In about a decade, he has had over one hundred radio plays aired on the national radio Malawi Broadcasting Corporation’s various programmes such as Theatre of the Air and Stories in Action. He has also written over 85 stage plays.