ISBN 9781955915038
Pages 126
Dimensions 210x148mm
Published 2022
Publisher Author Crafts, Uganda
Format Paperback

Walk My Path

by Harlord Ankwasa

The poems in this book change everything as you know them. It sets one on a path toward achieving greatness and realization of self. With the recognition that one lost cannot arrive at any definite destination, setting the direction needed to get somewhere becomes the most critical action point for everyone with a goal. Walk my path is a title that does not suggest anyone dumping their life's ambition to follow others. Instead, it reminds everyone to be who they are to define the path leading them to the sun - the goal. Walk My Path is a book of seventy-nine path-defining poems that shows one must know their way before one can get to their destination!

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About the Author

Harlord Ankwasa

Harlord Ankwasa is a youthful Ugandan poet from Kabale. He is the founder of the poetry group Rise Africa (Art Unity), which unites creatives across Africa to keep art afloat. He is deputy Secretary at Uganda Poets Against Sexual Harassment, Assault, and Rape (UPASHASAR). His poetry journey sparked off in 2015 at 15 years of age. Since then, his works have taken the world by storm in international magazines like The Sailors Magazine, New Best African Poets 2020, and various anthologies.