ISBN 9789996099298
Pages 30
Dimensions 210x148 mm
Published 2022
Publisher Horace Publications, Malawi
Format Paperback

Waterfall puts out charcoal fire

by Edson Dzimwe

The book has presented a creative story about an important power project that changed lives of people living in a rural setting. As most African villages face power problems, the story has presented a simple initiative by a young girl who had a great passion for her village. Using the scientific knowledge that the girl learnt from a Science book on a topic of power generation, the girl embarked on the power project along the village waterfall. With support from parents and companies, the power plant was constructed along the village waterfall. The installation of the power plant gave the villagers an access to electricity. This eased life among the villagers. Businesses like barbershops were opened. Cooking was no longer done using charcoal and trees were no longer used to make fire. The natural environment was really conserved. The waterfall really silenced the charcoal dependency.

Illustrated by Peter Nyakhuwa

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About the Author

Edson Dzimwe

Edson Dzimwe is a Malawian writer and a teacher trainer who has written different curricular books with the Ministry of Education. He has a great passion for children’s literature. He has several unpublished children’s stories yet to be published.